Microsoft is excited to extend the developer community source code reference and debug capabilities against core Microsoft platform technologies. By gaining a better understanding of the platform code running beneath your application, developers will be able to code more innovative and secure applications on the Microsoft platform. Source code is released under the Microsoft Reference Source License (MS-RSL).

Seamless Integration with Visual Studio

With Visual Studio, you can configure the debugger to dynamically download the selected platform component symbols and source from the Reference Source Code Center (RSCC).

Available Platform Components

The first component to be included in the Reference Source Service is the .NET framework.

Developer Benefits

Access to Microsoft source code through the Reference Source Program benefits developers by:

  • Providing insight into the structure and operation of selected Microsoft platform components

  • Allowing developers to step through Microsoft code using source code debuggers

  • Improving internal support and troubleshooting capabilities for deployed technologies

  • Allowing developers to offer source-code-level feedback so that Microsoft can better meet their needs in the future

Customer Commitment

In exchange for obtaining access to Microsoft’s source code, Microsoft asks that developers honor our intellectual property and only use the source code in accordance with the terms of the license.


If you have questions regarding this service, please post them on the Reference Source Forum. 

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